At the Wood Well we are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals.


​Fifty years of combined experience has taught us the importance of a reliable wood source. We’re using this knowledge to help you. Whether you’re a first time builder or the most seasoned luthier, we have the materials to meet your needs.We have beautifully figured quilt and flame maple, hand split quarter sawn spruce as well as other exotic woods for you to craft into a product that will stand the test of time.


All of our wood is guaranteed. We stand behind our wood because your success is our success.

Environmentally Sustainable

We are conscious of sustainability. We realize the value of trees before they’re cut as well as after. We take a tree and cut it into manageable sized pieces, taking care to cut around what knots and defects we can. We encourage full use of the entire tree, the lower grade portions as well as the high, with what’s left over to be recycled as firewood.

The Process

Through our meticulous 6 to 8 week drying process, (we do not kiln dry!) billets are brought down to 15% moisture content. We chose 15% because that is what billets naturally equalize at here in the Pacific Northwest. Next each billet is surfaced on both sides and they are all regraded. Some minor adjustments are made according to defects that were hid or have disappeared, and everything is sorted into its place.

When an order comes in, wood is hand picked, chosen according to your specific requests. If you are ordering billets, we have a final review before they are made ready to ship. If your order requires resawn material, we have standard resaw thicknesses or you can request a custom thickness. After the bookmatched sets are resawn, they are graded once more before they are placed in our redrying room. Once there, the sets are individually stickered and pressed to prevent warping. A couple more days of redrying down to industry accepted standards and they are ready to ship.

How it Works

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